Paranormal Services


Public Events

Keep an eye on the events calendar. GRP public events could include larger than life locations, well-known speakers, celebrity appearances, investigations, mediums, spiritual healers, big foot hunters, contests, and more.

Fundraising Events

Tired of selling candy bars and gift-wrap? Need a unique way to raise some funds?
Contact us to plan a truly ghoul-nique fundraiser.

Team Building

Looking for an adventurous team building experience? Give us a shout! We’ll help you plan a ghostly adventure designed to create an unforgettable bonding experiences.


Invite Only Investigations

GRP will reach out to a small group of Fans & Followers for an Invite Only investigation a few times throughout the year. Keep an eye on our Get REAL Paranormal FB page. Invites will be sent via FB Event.

Girls/Guys Night Out / Bachelor/Bachelorette Party / Birthday Bash

Schedule a fun, unique experience with Get REAL Paranormal. An adventure you AND your guests will never forget.


Need an engaging speaker with a captivating topic?

We are available to speak about the paranormal, paranormal equipment, haunting history, investigations, and many other topics.  Sharing our knowledge and ghostly adventures is one of our favorite activities.


Curious about the paranormal field and the equipment used?  Schedule an educational opportunity that’s perfect for monthly club meetings, classroom demonstrations for scientific or historical applications, etc. Paranormal Services include:


  • Hands-on instruction
  • Variety of equipment
  • Safe, simulated investigation environment
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