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Of course we want to hear from you, please Contact GRP we are the place to talk about the paranormal, answer questions, and provide assistance where we can.  While we know talking about the paranormal can be difficult and sometimes uncomfortable rest assured that we won’t judge you.  Furthermore, we look forward to hearing all about your paranormal encounters. One of our goals is to document paranormal activity and share it.

Contact GRP we are happy to assist journalists, students, and anyone else with projects, papers, reports, or any other academic assignment pertaining to the paranormal. Drop us an email and we can arrange a time to visit via phone, Skype or meet in person. It is possible to join us on an investigation* as part of a research assignment!

*Attending an investigation is at the sole discretion of GRP. Any transportation, fees, or other costs are the responsibility of the attendee. Damage and liability waivers may apply. Age restrictions may apply an accompanying parent may be required.

We are available to speak at events or gatherings, organize your paranormal event or private investigation, and we’re happy to assist with just about any paranormal related activity. All you need to do is ask.

Be sure and visit our Events Page to see all upcoming Public Investigation Ticket Opportunities, Paracons, Paranormal Conventions and Special Events.

Please send us a message.  Contact GRP using the contact form below and someone on our team WILL get back to you promptly.

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