Meet The Owners

Susan Hill is the CEO Owner of GRP.  Susan is a North Central Texas native who has been studying  paranormal occurrences most of her life. She has participated in large-scale location investigations as well as numerous residential cases. Her passion is in historical research and preservation. Susan’s strengths are in photography, videography, EVP and dowsing rods. As an owner of GRP, she enjoys teaching others how to scientifically gather evidence of the supernatural.

Susan’s paranormal studies stem from her childhood experiences; at a very young age she witnessed full body apparitions and had  clairaudient encounters with multiple spirits. Susan has been focusing on heightening her abilities as an empath over the last 4 years. Her spiritual beliefs, focus and study are in Christianity. She keeps her mind and heart open, so she can better help others wherever they are on their own personal spiritual path.

Some of her favorite locations she’s investigated are Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Eastern State Penitentiary and The Baker Hotel.

Georgina Holzmeier is the COO Owner of GRP.  Georgina s an experienced, compassionate, non-judgmental paranormal investigator and researcher with a passion for old town history and adventure. Her investigative proficiencies include EVP capture, photographic evidence, detection, and spirit communication. Mastery of devices such as parascopes, grid lights, FLIR cameras, and other electronic equipment contribute greatly to her success as an investigator. Her preferred method of spirit communication is a mix of traditional methods such as dowsing rods and more modern, electronic devices and software programs such as the portal.  Fueled by her love of learning, Georgina stays current with the latest technology, theory, and practices in the paranormal field as well as in mind & spirit wholeness studies.  As the owner of GRP, Georgina experiences great joy in sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

Some of her favorite locations investigated include Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Blue 60 Guest House, Hill House Manor, and Mineral Wells VFW.

Kim Hughes is the CFO and CMO Owner of GRP.  Kim is a residence of Texas where she lives and has raised a family with her husband, child and grandchildren.  Kim was raised with her roots from 4 generations of Italians that came to this country through Ellis Island in New York from Sicily, Italy. She gained an appreciation of love of family, cherishing great friends and a true passion for helping people through research at an early age.

Kim has an extensive background in Technology and Research. Her Computer and Technology Expertise includes but is not limited to Database Research and Locator Services, Programming, Database Designs, Web Design/HTML & XHTML Programming, Internet Marketing, Email and Mobile Marketing, Spreadsheets and Word Processing.  Kim has an extensive background in owning and managing several businesses, along with all aspects of Accounting, Financial Management and Budgeting.

Kim’s love of research started at age 18. The thrill of the search and the challenges that come with the passion of locating ancestors, missing relatives and finding records of historical information as it relates to locations and the people that lived or worked in historical structures is what she loves to do.  As an owner of GRP, the discoveries and the missing links to the past through research is definitely a Passion.  Kim’s career motto is: “Research is not just a Passion it’s a Lifestyle”

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